Blog, Take Three

I have decided to restart my blog. I need a place to record what I’m up to, mostly so I remember it myself. Heres hoping I’ll remember to write, feel free to smack me if I stop!

Knitting! I am in the Dishcloth KAL on Ravelry, we have a group over there and we knit two patterns a week. Good knitting for classes and lunch breaks at work. I also have my first pair of socks on the needles, and a baby sweater thats floating around here somewhere.

Speaking of classes…I’m pretty damned busy this semester. I’m taking intro to chem, Precal, Earth-Space science, and a low level Biology class (that one is just for fun). My job is on campus, so I am at school basically all day five days a week. Its actually a blessing, however, as I am working with other students and its very understanding of classes scheduals and homework.

The shop is open! I love what I do. Theres recycled yarns in there, taken from sweaters that really, really deserve to be made into something better. I should have more spinning fibers up in a week or two, for some reason the post is being very slow with the raw goods.